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Risk Management Process for an Oil & Gas Company

We implemented a risk management process and methodology for an oil & gas company. We also identified and estimated potential risks & opportunities of the company as such more than 200 risk & opportunity items were identified more than 250 mUSD risk and 100 mUSD opportunities.


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Claim Preparation for Exchange Rate & Inflation Risk for a Mining Project

We developed a several tens of million USD value claim package for a mining project to overcome additional costs due to the exchange rate and inflation risk.


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Price Indexation Methodology for an Oil & Gas Company

We developed a price indexation methodology for an oil & gas company which was highly prone to exchange rate & inflation risk due to its geography.


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Project Management Maturity Assessment in an Oil & Gas Company

We conducted project management maturity assessment in one of the projects of an Oil & Gas Company. As formed in a JV structure, project has a value more than 2 billion EURs.


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