Our Mission

MindEx Consulting Group is a management and technical consultancy company operating in diverse sectors, mainly with a focus on people & organization, strategy & performance, risk, operations and digitalization & innovation.

  • MindEx Consulting Group is committed to support its clients to achieve their visions by designing and implementing transformation projects.
  • We bring a new way of consulting with incorporating management and technical consultancy.
  • Thanks to our standardized but customizable methods, our proven expertise, extensive experience and passionate experts, we offer affordable, fast and value-adding solutions to our clients.

Our Vision

MindEx Consulting Group strives to become one of the most reputable and impactful global consultancy companies in services it offers.
  • To achieve our vision, we are committed to creating long-term and sustainable value for our clients, our society, and our team.
  • Our clients are our backbones. We promised mutual respect and trust, confidentiality, client satisfaction and sustainable relations as our core values.
  • We are dedicated to continuous learning and improvement in our services thanks to our dynamic and passionate team.
  • To realize our vision, we also collaborate and make partnerships with academics, technology providers and other consulting firms to continuously improve our intellectual and human capital.

Why Us?

Not a Generalist:

A new way of consulting by incorporating management and technical consultancy, real solutions with real sectoral experience

For every organization:

Making management consultancy affordable and reachable, not only for large organizations but also for small to medium size firms 

Fast Solutions:

Proven and fast solutions with MindEx knowledge set consisting proven models and standardized methods, lean approach and dynamic team




Proven Knowledge: 

A new way of consulting by incorporating theoretical and practical knowledge with academic background of our experts 


Collaborations and partnerships with academics, technology providers and other consulting firms

Our Work Culture & Values


Value to our Clients

We are committed to creating long-term and sustainable value for our clients and support them to build their tomorrow.


Our passionate and hard-working team committed to turning decisions into actions and delivering successful results.


Thanks to our people who love what they do, we combine work and joy with also striving for continuous improvement in our intellectual capability and human capital.

Mutual Respect and Trust

Mutual respect and trust with our clients and our team, are our musts.


We have zero tolerance for any breach in confidentiality, ethics and compliance.

Our Consulting Approach


Diagnosis & Gap Analysis

We analyze maturity of your organization in different disciplines and provide a gap analysis and a high-level transformation road map.

Consultancy & Implementation

We design and implement comprehensive transformation projects based on your needs and maturity level.

Supervising & Monitoring

We supervise, monitor and provide recommendations about ongoing transformation projects.

Coaching & Training

We provide individual and group trainings as well as provide coaching and mentoring for your professionals.
Ankara / Türkiye
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